Emergency Prayers On-line
These On-line prayers require Macromedia Shockwave Player
Prayer to the Holy Trinity to
Commend  Your Self to the Divine
This beautiful prayer is extremely
powerful and can be used for those
plagued with financial anxieties.
It should be prayed at the beginning of
every month, however,
in cases of
emergencies please pray it
(prayer requires the use of three coins and a

Litany to the Most Holy Trinity
A beautiful litany to our beloved Holy
Trinity of thanksgiving, praise,
forgiveness, and hope.  
Chaplet of the Infant Jesus of Prague
This is a miraculous chaplet that can
be prayed as a petition, thanksgiving
or time of necessity.  It is wonderful!
Litany of the Miraculous Infant Jesus
of Prague
A beautiful prayer of devotion and
Prayer to the little Infant Jesus of
This is a beautiful prayer that should
be prayed as often as possible.  
Especially, during the Christmas
season.  It is a prayer of praise, as
well as petition.
Tambien En Español (presione aqui)
Powerful Hourly Novena to the Infant
Jesus of Prague
This is the famous Powerful Hourly
Novena of the Infant Jesus of Prague.  
The Novena program runs in the
background and alerts you every hour.
 Perfect for the eight hour work day!
An awesome prayer for
Powerful Hourly Novena to the Infant
Jesus of Prague, Version II
This is another beautiful version of the
famous Powerful Hourly Novena of the
Infant Jesus of Prague.  The Novena
program runs in the background and
alerts you every hour.  Perfect for the
eight hour work day!
 An awesome
prayer for emergencies!
Litany of the Infant Jesus (New!)
Pray this beautiful Litany to the Image
of our belove, Miraculous Niño Divino,
Spanish for Divine Child.    
Pope John Paul II Rosary (New!)
This is beautiful single decade
Rosary is a tribute to the Great Pope
John Paul II.  Its fully functioning and
comes complete with "quick tip"
Chaplet of St. Jude
This Chaplet to St. Jude should be
prayed as a Novena, for nine
consecutive days.  Some, however,
recommend praying nine times a day
for nine days, in exteme emergencies.
 St. Jude is a compassionate man,
with an undying love for God who
assists those who have lost hope, are
in desperate need, or are ill.
Chaplet of St. Benedict
St. Benedict is a wonderful Saint to
pray to.  His earthly deeds,
compassion for fellow man, and an
undying faith in God crucified has
bestowed upon him a power from
God against dark forces and for those
in need.  His powerful medal is
contained in this Chaplet.   St.
Benedict never turns away from those
in need.
Finger eRosary
This is an executable program that
can be run online or downloaded to
be run on your computer.  Its small
window size, makes it perfect for
praying discreetly at work or at home.

Its small size, approximately 2.5
Megabytes, makes it easy to
download and share via email.  
How to Pray the Rosary

This document explains step by step
on how to pray the document.  

"How to Pray the Rosary"

Descarge, "Como Rezar El Rosario"
If you have a moment, we invite
you to pray on-line with us. The
links to the left are to on-line
Chaplets that were developed
for you to use, free of charge, for
life's little emergency when you
need perseverance, a special
favor, or just for thanksgiving
and adoration.  When you use
these please also remember to
pray for others.    

These are traditional prayers of
the Catholic Church to Jesus
Christ, His Blessed Mother, and
His Celestial Court of Saints.  
Please keep in mind that these
are sacramentals, and are NOT
magic remedies.  Rather, they
are pleas for assistance to God,
the Father, to and through
Jesus, and intercession from
great men and women who
have achieved Sainthood.
Saints are your friends and hold
a special place with the Father.  
Through their earthly life, they
led souls to Jesus and provided
comfort to those in need.  After
their death, they continue doing
their good works--you don't think
they would've retired, do you?  
You'll find that each Saint has
their own special personality
and they will affect your life in a
different way.  Remember, the
Celestial Court is very
concerned about the state of
affairs and they intend to lead
you back to Jesus Christ, Our
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special prayer, please
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