eRosary2005 is the all-in-one electronic
Rosary.  Whether your a beginner or a lifetime
devotee to the Miraculous Rosary of the
Blessed Mother, you'll want to use it every day!
 The eRosary2005 comes complete with all
five Mysteries, complete Bible Scriptures,
Points of Mediation, Step by Step Instructions,
and it has received Ecclesiastical Approbation
by the Catholic Church.

eRosary2005 is user friendly and menu
driven.  The minimize buttons allow you to
hide the window and maximize it when you
can continue praying.  Its an easy way of
praying the Rosary everyday.

Download it for Free.  Click on the images to
the right.
  The installation program will place
an icon on your computers START menu,
quicklaunch, and desktop.  It also comes with
a quick uninstall function.
Use it to teach your kids, your spouse, use it to
teach yourself and reinstate your devotion.
Beginners will learn the fundemenals of the
Rosary through the Introduction, Promises, and
Indulgences.  Once you have learned the basics
all you need to do is choose a date from the  It
provides the user with Ecclesiastically Approved
instruction on how to pray the Rosary.
eRosary2005 helps you to meditate on each
mystery with remastered, high quality
graphics and well researched points of
meditation.  Each prayer is clearly illustrated
and each bead is highlighted as you
progress through the life of Jesus Christ and
his Blessed Mother with each prayer.  
Installation File that will
install eRosary2005 to
your computer.  It will
install an Icon on your
desktop, quicklaunch, and
a Start Menu Item.  The
Start Menu Item also
contains an uninstaller.
Size 15 mbs.
Click on Image to Download
English Version
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Versión en Español
Instructional Literature:
Free, we just ask
that you pray it.
Electronic Rosary